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Testimonials – Individuals

It is a safe non-judgemental environment where you can say as much or as little as you feel and I guarantee you will say more than you thought you would.
AS, Derby
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
Excellent presentation & speaking skills. You really made me feel at ease and comfortable enough to speak up. Thank you!!
JM Nottingham
Keeping Calm Weekend Worlshop
I attended this workshop to enhance my people skills. In fact, it helped me understand myself more - Which is a great place to start.
CB Nottingham
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
Emotionally excruciating, incredibly tiring...and totally worth it!!
PR Manchester
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"Still on track. It's been harrowing to re-evaluate my identity without my anger. I've done a lot of damage to people I care for and it's been hard for me to revisit that. It's like the recovery period for an alcoholic; I want to stay angry so I don't have to face up to consequences but I also know it's the road to a very personal hell. Some people haven't wanted to stick around or believe the change is genuine (girlfriend) and that has hurt a lot but the damage had already been done. I've had a lot of support from my family and particularly my ex-wife who is really rooting for me and from my M.D. who has been a true believer in my journey and is also mentoring me. The weekend really benefited me, to be honest I can't really recall all the strategies, it was enough for me to see on the last day how angry I have been to shock me into just wanting to remove it from my life. Tell my story; it's a tough call. You'll feel very vulnerable. You'll have to rebuild yourself. Not everybody will hang around to see it but you are not doing it for them. It's worth it. Always act out of kindness even if it's a difficult decision and be kind to yourself the most (you're going to need it in those dark times)."

(Note: client providing an update on their progress 2 months later)
JH, Manchester
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
I enjoyed it more than I thought I would
TC, Nottingham
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
Definitely take this workshop, it might make a huge difference. It's not just for angry people.
SF Bradford
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
My behaviour was self-inflicted.
I am very guarded and always feel people are judging me, the reality is it is me judging them.
My low self-esteem comes from never feeling good enough despite my success.
I am always angry.

Be open-minded and don't rule out that personality traits or feelings of anxiety are caused by deep-rooted anger you are not expressing.
MJ Preston
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
This has been one of the most enlightening and eye-opening courses I have ever been on and feel that it is already making a difference to my life. I have already recommended it to several people saying it is worth doing to help you whether you feel you need it or not.
JH Portsmouth
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
Simple, relevant and effective techniques for managing different aspects of emotional health; the opportunity to listen and be listened to in a group setting.
It's the most important CPD course I've ever been on. I feel empowered, refreshed and positive coming back into work this morning. Truly a valuable experience that I am going to use to help me in several different aspects of my life
SC Derby
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"Considering I came on this course not as my decision I have found it most helpful and has opened my eyes."
SN, West Mids
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"Going over the material again. The opportunity to learn from the group, that was incredible, open, honest and enriching. The facilitator managed group dynamics very well and held the space and the pace."
SP, Derby (Returning Refresher Delegate)
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"Great facilitator that clearly knows his stuff and created a safe comfortable environment. Thank you! I learnt so much about myself.

This is a programme relevant to everyone regardless of levels of 'Anger.' There is so much you learn and explore about yourself that is helpful and goes much further than just addressing 'Anger'"
BC, Worcestershire
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"Very impressed that refresher courses are at a discounted price and that sharing techniques and tools with others are encouraged.

It was enlightening, informative, helpful and has given me the tools to process my emotions and move forward."
CS, Derbyshire
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"Outstanding, very relatable and thankful for shared trust to be able to contextualise techniques from the facilitator. Enabled me to feel empowered and make change."
HR, Birmingham
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"Julian, I want to thank you for this weekend. I feel I am on the road to recovery with your help. There is still much work to do but I now know what I need to do and more importantly how to do it. I can’t express fully the significance of the work we have done this weekend."
JH, Sheffield
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"I'm very grateful - if a little inarticulate at this point - to have had the opportunity to come and have this learning experience."
JW, London
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"I arrived at the weekend workshop with minimal expectations about the course or what it could do for me, but quickly it became clear that Julian was able to use his expertise and experience in emotional resilience and stress management to connect with everyone in front of him, and ensure that everyone achieved what they wanted to regardless of their individual needs.

I’m amazed at how much we managed to cover in 2.5 days, but the real value in this workshop was being able to bring my own challenges and circumstances into a non-judgemental learning forum and learn so many things about how I interact with others and my relationships (especially the relationship I have with myself). Very quickly it became clear that this was not just another CPD course where the theory seems more important than practical, everyday solutions; it was about making small, realistic, workable changes to achieve a calmer outlook.

Since the course I’ve been able to deal with stressful situations and challenging people and environments in a structured, calmer way and with a much more positive and proactive outlook; using the techniques and language I learned that weekend has been useful in ways I could not have imagined when starting the course, and I’d recommend the course to anyone, regardless of their career, background or situation."
6th Form Teacher, Staffordshire
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"It's the best course of CPD I've ever been on and am ever likely to go on. An incredible weekend, and the start of a scary, exciting, essential journey."
SC, Derby
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"Anger is a fundamental emotion all around us. The skills and tools to diagnose provided by Julian is a fantastic asset to have whether for oneself or within a personal or business environment."
SJ, Derbyshire
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"This course is life-changing and I couldn't recommend it enough. Others could do with this before crisis and I only wish others could be more proactive because it will help them find their true happiness."
TD, Reading
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"A fantastic workshop that will contribute to you feeling "normal" within society, helping you build bridges and reduce conflict."
DW, Derby
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
It was a privilege to attend this course. Julian has such a way with people and is an extremely strong person and it would be such a shame if others could not benefit from his experience.
VJ Derby
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"Extremely helpful if you are willing and wanting to make a change."
DR, Derby
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"This will change your life and transform your personal and business relationships if you let it."
JM, Brighton
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"Even if you do not think you are an angry person you would probably find out a few things about yourself that you really were not aware of and find the information both insightful and useful to help you cope better in every day life."
JH, Loughborough
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"99% of people could benefit from this."
AR, London
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"J has been remarkable since he attended your course - in fact, I have not witnessed him lose his temper at all since the course - I am utterley amazed - He has changed beyond anything I ever imagined and the home is indeed CCCCCAAAAAALLLLLLLMMMMM

The anger appears to have disappeared - I am hoping it is not in remission - obviously the odd hint of anger is very normal when the odd thing goes wrong but the manifest anger that J was suffering seems to have unlocked. Its fabulous - Thank you"
LR, Derby
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"Hi Julian,

My deepest apologies for the delayed reply to your kind e-mail; I would like you to allow me to continue this e-mail with a little joke: Gooooooooooooood morning "VietCalm"

Again my apologies if you did not like the joke, otherwise just laughs at ease.

About 17 days have passed since the completion of the course and I still have vivid memories of it, I would say that those memories will never disappear. For me it was a big impact, never had such a "long and sincere" conversation before with a group of persons completely unknown to me.

I do not know if my words are properly expressing my feelings, as you know, English is not my native language.

I find it hard (but keep trying even harder) to remember to stop and count to 10 before speaking, but now at least I know what to do when I remember to count to 10 before opening this big mouth in this big body… ha ha ha ha ha ha ! ! ! ! !

In case I had not said before, this intense weekend was something never before experienced by me, the impact is being deeper as the days pass and I’m realizing that has marked a "before" and an "after" in my way thinking.

TM, Catalonia
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"I have loved it. Thank you. The best investment in myself I have made in a long time and the one that is likely to have the most impact on me in the future."
TH, Derby
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"If you want to be truly happy, this is a great start."
TH, Nottingham
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"I came on Friday not expecting anything but I have so much to take from this weekend."

(Note: individual sent by his employer with no choice but to attend)
MB, Derbyshire
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"Thank you. It's not about controlling your anger but understanding what you're feeling and why and finding healthy constructive ways to deal with them."
GP Reading
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"I thank you for the opportunity of allowing me to attend your course. I feel liberated from my 14 years of anger towards myself over a dreadful, devastating life event and will work more on the remaining anger that fuels my self harm."
SMK, Derby
Keeping Calm Intensive Weekend
"So much more worthwhile than going to counselling, I suspect"
MB, Derbyshire
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"I want a job!... What you are doing is truly life changing..."
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
"The main reason I'm writing is that I wanted to say a huge thank you again for a stimulating, revealing and immensely useful weekend. I know that I learnt a lot - and I mean, a significant amount - on how to deal with stress, anger and so on - both within myself and how I interact with others. Everything I learnt from you and the other participants (all of them really lovely people) will I know equip me to live a better life in future. Indeed, your weekend course is something that I consider as life-changing."
PB, Derby
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
The safe environment that Julian created from the very start allowed the group a safe space. The pace was perfect and plenty of space to understand and develop. It was fantastic and I would not change anything. Very insightful. Thank you so much, absolutely brilliant. Thank you!!
JHM Nottingham
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
Thank you for giving me clarity and also the help unpicking other's behaviours.
This will give you an understanding and in some cases permission to work things out for yourself. You have all the answers.
MN, Nottingham
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
It really helped me identify and acknowledge the root of my problem in a positive way that allowed me to open up. Then it provided solutions and methods of addressing the issues I identified with.
JS Derby
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop
An excellent opportunity to investigate the relevant parts of anger management and discuss openly with a small group going through similar life experiences.
NG, Burton on Trent
Keeping Calm Weekend Workshop