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A lot of our clients stay in touch with us and they update us on their progress.

Occasionally they go further when the work we have done with them inspires them to other activities.

In this case, our client, who went through our Intensive Weekend Workshop, subsequently spent some months meditating on their inner shame and felt moved to share some poetry.

I liked it so much I wanted to share it.

There is more on this clients blog at blogspot. Click here for more


I’ve finished processing my shame and it’s time to move on:


Psalm 1: a New Attitude


So what I am is what is left

A shaken sham, shamed shame-shaman

The wreckage of trauma cleared

Broken burned charcoaled churned

Avoid – a void with which to build

Always filled with anger, fear & words

Substance systematically spurned


  No tears to wash the sleep

  From my early morning eyes

  Charcoal-calling child at 4:30

  Dirty, burned and blistered hands

  Now healed – seven thirty now

  No drive to dominate or cower

  Trapping telling tall tell-tails

  Bravado brothers blazing

  Violet violence violates – I now pass!

  Quid est veritas?!


So what I am is what is left

A shaken sham, shamed shame-shaman

The wreckage of trauma

Broken burned charcoaled churned

Avoid – a void with which to build

No longer filled with anger, fear & words

Substance no longer spurned


  I have a new creation myth

  An arc in which I can renew

  Filtering out dualist lies – two by… two by two

  But what am I becoming – no pattern

  No guide, just this filled up void inside

  No beat, rhythm nor tune no lies

  There is nothing in the silence

  Nothing in the feelings or the words

  Two generations from oblivion

  Neo-nihilism‘s calling heard!?


So what I am is what I’m building

A slimmed down version of my history

Green – fruitful – well watered

Planted firm green leaves shimmering in the breeze

No longer on my knees but standing arms held high

Filled with awe and love

I’ve removed the glove that stopped me feeling – I think I’m healing


  So it comes down to this

  Without God I can’t feel blessed

  Without His blessing it’s all a con

  With faith all gone there is only

  A bald monkey, thinking accidentally

  No special you, no special me

  No meaning in being or eternity

  No eternal me just an urgency to connect and feel

  Invest in what is real – in family

  Make time work for me


So what I will do with what is left

I will believe in my hybrid theory

Not double-minded hypocrisy

A reconciliation of spirit and DNA

No more thinking and shrinking from the Now

The world is not how I want it to be

But the time I have WILL work for me!


(c) Cosmic Gorilla 2018


About the Author:

With more than 20 years experience working in challenging corporate environments and dealing with change programmes, Julian has gained extensive experience in counselling, facilitation and training techniques. Julian has an MBA from Nottingham Business School, has trained with the British Association of Anger Management and is an experienced and qualified practitioner of established coaching tools such as Myers Briggs.
Julian has built Calm People into an organisation that encompasses everything from delivering workshops on how to identify and deal with anger, to helping individuals to combat stress by improving their emotional resilience. The company’s continually evolving mindset has led to them developing an innovative training product for HGV and Bus/Coach drivers, technology assisted wellbeing packages, and a unique and exclusive Executive Resilience Retreat.

Whether you are an individual seeking to cope with challenging circumstances or an organisation looking to support cultural change Calm People can help you.


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