If you work in Family Law, you will be aware of the number of relationships failing due to poor emotional or anger management.  You may have clients who need to undergo anger management before the courts will grant either access or custody.

If you work in Employment Law, you may find your clients have valued staff who are presenting with aggression or stress-related difficult behaviour at work.  As an employer, your client will want to address these problems, be seen to assist where appropriate, and if necessary show they have done all they can to help.Legal

Calm People can provide an initial assessment and report for court, a full 25 hour course (individual or group) and a final court report on changes and observations.  Reports are usually prepared speedily after a course, and there’s usually a course available within 3-4 weeks of referral.

Fees range from £125 for a first assessment, to £598 for group course, and £1250 for a 10 week individual course.  Call for more information.