Bottom line matters.  And bottom line today is about keeping overheads down, whilst maintaining the skill set.

Calm People can audit the stress levels, apply the appropriate programmes to the most stressed areas, and show clear benefit indicators.  We will show you how to handle conflict, stress and unhealthy emotional responses which will build your teams and show your staff you value their contribution.  The courses can be run in-house, in half day / full day sessions, or off-site to suit your needs.required to make the business work.  But if we want the most skilled people in our organisation, we have to ensure they have the RESILIENCE to handle the pressure.   However many technical and professional skills they have, if they can’t resolve conflict, keep a perspective, and look after their inner resources, you will have presentism, high sickness rates, and poor retention of your most valued resource.

These programmes are specifically designed for your organisation, so call to discuss requirements.  Our experienced facilitators have worked with a range of organisations and will find the right package for you.

Below are example of programmes we have delivered in organisations recently

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