Calm Execs

man_on_beach (3) Calm Execs started as a collaboration between three specialists bringing their distinctive skills together to produce a unique retreat style weekend workshop designed with the specific challenges of Senior Executives in mind.

Through Calm Execs research it became clear that whilst Senior Executives do carry significantly greater levels of responsibility than other levels of management in organisations they are the least likely to take care of themselves. In fact the more we looked in to it we found that small population in most organisations took a lot of time to concern themselves over their teams resilience but paid little attention to their own. Given the costs to an organisation of replacing senior executives Calm Execs decided it was time to change this.

Calm Execs retreats are exclusive and limited in availability. No more than 8 individuals attend a retreat. We are currently running “experience” retreats to raise awareness and deliver the experience of the facilitation and learning to those people in the organisation who will wish their executives to take this essential time out to skill themselves up to be resilient.

Executive coaches, HR Directors, Learning and Development Directors are attending weekend workshops on the dates below in 2016. Senior Executives also wishing to book themselves on to a programme can do so by enquiring by email to

After all how can you recommend your executives attend a programme you have not experienced yourself. By using less exclusive and more corporate venues we are able to deliver the same quality of learning for a 75% discount on the price in order to spread the word.


2016 Dates2016 Venues
 March 15th, 16th, 17th 2015  TBA

If you are interested in knowing more visit the Calm Execs website here.