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Calm Individuals
Whether it is stress, self esteem, anger or a range of other issues we are can help you. Whether you want to work with us on a one to one basis or in a group we will help you find the best way for you to deal with the challenges you are facing.

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Guaranteed Courses
Are you aware that we offer a money back guarantee in some of our courses?

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Calm Execs
This new, unique and niche offering specifically for senior executives has been well received. If you recognise the need to make sure the team at the top are in great shape emotionally then you will be interested in our exclusive workshops for executives.

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Calm Organisations
This is the area that Calm People find themselves in greatest demand. The emotional resilience of the teams working in your organisation could be the biggest difference in competitive advantage you make.

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Calm Drivers
Keeping Calm on the Road is specialist drivers course that is another unique service and offering from Calm People. Originally designed and delivered for the HGV/PSV driver CPC market this is now available to fleet managers around the world to access.

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Calm Education
Calm People have a track record of working successfully with education establishments. Whether it’s students, pupils or staff that need our help we have an intervention that you can take advantage of.

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Calm Families
Family life can be challenging when it’s meant to be enjoyable. Children can present challenging behaviour and can be labelled. Before you now it they are living the label. We take a whole family approach to anger issues at home.

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Some uncomfortable facts about feelings
This may be a difficult statement to believe, emotional resilience, emotional development and anger management are all pretty much the same. They all have similar outcomes albeit that people may be drawn to them for different reasons. Some need to move towards resilience and development whereas others need to move away from anger. What they all have in common is that they have a central need to understand, deal with and be able to exist with uncomfortable feelings. What a large number of the people we work with have in common is that they have ceased to acknowledge and allow to exist, the feelings that we are hard wired with and that are in abundant use in our lives every day.Classically our clients may acknowledge that they have stopped expressing how they feel, or that they mask how they feel. Others may state that they are not sure that they know how they feel and express that they feel “numb.” Others will say that they know how they feel but are afraid to express their inner feelings for fear of others reactions or their own.In our experience this comes from a number of central issues. The first is, in my opinion, one of the most serious of human conditions in this day and age; That being our desire to ignore, deny, suppress and repress uncomfortable feelings.There are 6 core essential and true feelings that we as humans are programmed to be able experience when we come into this world. They are anger, fear, sadness, shame, hurt and happiness. Most observers immediately note there is only one “positive” feeling. This is true. Simply because we only need one. The others have all grown as we have evolved in order to protect us from danger or perceived danger.The key to this is that they are part of being human yet we try to deny this essential part of our humanity.So many of our clients are in the habit of throwing uncomfortable feelings to the back of their mind in the hope that they will disappear. They won’t. Feelings that are not acknowledged and allowed the airtime they need will fester. As C.G. Jung said “what you resist persists.”The problem with uncomfortable feelings is that they stay in the background and continue to make you feel uncomfortable. If that was the end of the story we would either do something about it or just remain in a state of discomfort. Actually we do take action but it’s not always healthy.We develop coping mechanisms. They may be ways of cheering ourselves up such as shopping or spending time with friend in order to “cheer ourselves up.” We may decide to have a drink in order to relax or work in order to take our minds off the issues we are afraid of. All these sound perfectly innocent and reasonable but taken too far and they can be really unhealthy.In many cases these coping mechanisms lead to addictions. Addictions of any nature need to be avoided.So why do we avoid acknowledging painful or uncomfortable feelings?There are many reasons but common ones are –
  • Admitting to being scared, hurt or sad can be seen as a sign of weakness
  • When we admit our feelings openly, others feel their role is to own those feelings for us and feel they that should rescue us.
  • We don’t like the idea of not being in control of our feelings. Feeling out of control is not the done thing.
  • We may have been brought up to understand that feelings are not important and especially that our own feelings are not important.
 So what can we do? We can start a process of allowing the full range of our feelings to exist within us. We can start understanding that it’s ok and normal to feel sad, hurt, shameful, angry and scared. Allowing these feelings is healthy. Deny and repressing them is unhealthy. The simple truth is that if we do not learn to exist with our uncomfortable feelings and accept them for what they are....feelings that come and go....we get to a time in our lives where they catch up with us. If you are really unlucky you may end up in a workshop, unravelling the issues of the last 20 years with someone like me.   

What Clients Say

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    Improving Efficiency Through Honest Communication Dec 2013 Very, very good and eye opening – JB Derby Very real, no gimmicks, excellently executed and very safe environment to express yourself. LS Derby Life changingly good!! JT Derby Excellent opportunity to allow honest discussion amongst the team KH derby...
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    Weekend Intensive September 2013 “Thank you for a fantastic weekend; a fantastic experience. …I recommend this workshop …If you really want to address your anger and are open to making a change you need to be on this weekend” AB Sheffield   “Excellent course – fantastic material really authentically presented...
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    “I really enjoyed the course. Found it practically very useful for me. Wanted to say thank you for an excellent course. It has already helped in my family life.” (one week after a 3 day course) “I would strongly recommend our HR department are advised by you for us to all...
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  • Corporate more testimonials
    I’m feeling very different now compared with how I felt before the weekend. I didn’t think about it at the time, but when I was checking in and out during the course, I was describing my feelings as “peaceful”, which was a totally alien concept beforehand. I’ve got a long...
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